Best CBD Hemp Flower Reddit

If you are looking for discussions about what’s the best CBD hemp flower, Reddit subs such as r/CBD and r/hempflowers are the way to go.

As a seller of CBD, we personally cannot speak to hemp flowers and their effect, as we only provide a zero-THC full-spectrum liquid hemp extract (containing CBD and the full organic terpene profile of the hemp plant). The hemp is grown organically with zero pesticides or synthetic chemicals.

CBD, taken orally, is usually less absorbable by the body than when smoked or vaped. In CBD oil, what you experience is only 5-20% of what you’re paying for, as the oil molecules are too large to fit the blood-brain barrier and be fully bioavailable to the body. If you enjoy it, imagine how it feels to get up to 95% of what you’re paying for. The liquid hemp extract we sell addresses this concern.

Our Nano CBD is 10-25 nm nanoparticles, more than small enough to be allowed through the blood-brain barrier and get down to the cellular level where the CBD does its job.

If you want a product that takes action at mass scale, and gives you the unadulterated taste & effect of hemp (it’s 1-ingredient, no additives), check out Long Live The Hemp. To discover more about nano CBD, check out the rest of our website!

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