Hemp Oil Allergy

Hemp Oil Allergy

Do you have a hemp oil allergy that prevents you from enjoying the many benefits of CBD oil? Long Live the Hemp’s nano-technology formulation could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Our hemp oil concentrate offers 20X greater absorption, so you can take a much smaller dose and still receive the health benefits of hemp. Start out with a single mg dose of our hemp concentrate and slowly increase your dosage by 1mg increments to see whether you’re allergic to a micro-dose of our product; in many cases, an allergy is only present with a higher intake.

Do I Have a Hemp Oil Allergy?

If you break out in hives or a rash after using a hemp product, you may be surprised to learn that it’s not actually hemp that you’re allergic to, but one of the filler ingredients added by the product’s manufacturer. The majority of hemp oils on the market contain artificial colors, added flavors, and all kinds of chemicals to enhance the product’s flavor or improve its consistency. We recommend consumers who think they have a hemp oil allergy try a minute amount of our pure hemp concentrate to see how their body reacts; you may find that you’re not allergic to hemp, after all.

Dealing with a Doctor Confirmed Hemp Oil Allergy

Ask your doctor to recommend an over-the-counter allergy medicine to keep on hand in case you have a reaction to our hemp oil, and experiment with the smallest dose possible- one single drop. Due to the nano-technology used to create our unique formulation, one drop is often all that is needed for health benefits. Our Dutch Nutrient Elite Hemp Concentrate is powerful- one ml dropperful provides the equivalent of 200mg active, bioavailable whole hemp plant concentrate. If you’re unable to take a full ml dose due to an allergy, you’ll receive many of the same benefits with a lesser dose.

Our Hemp Concentrate Works Fast

Since Long Live the Hemp is readily absorbed, it works much faster than other products. Within 90 seconds, all of our product’s particles are in your system, so you’ll feel its effects in just minutes instead of hours. Whole plant hemp is the only ingredient in our product; there is nothing added, even carrier oils; best of all, Dutch Nutrient Elite Hemp Concentrate is organically grown and formulated in the USA.

Naturally Delicious

Our product tastes great without the need for sweeteners or added flavors- we don’t need to add any other ingredients to our product; in fact, we want you to experience hemp in the way that nature intended. Using a nano-sized hemp concentrate, you may find that your hemp oil allergy slowly goes away, or you may find that you were never allergic to hemp in the first place. Long Live the Hemp is toxin-free, additive-free, sweetener-free, color-free, and chemical-free- you get nothing but 100% organic hemp oil with the whole-plant goodness bioavailable through nano-technology. Shop on our website and save on quality hemp concentrate.

Hemp Oil Allergy

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