First-Ever True Nano Hemp CBD Product Makes Its Debut for 4/20 Sale

LONG LIVE THE HEMP, America's home to true nano hemp-derived CBD products, is ringing in the international day of celebration for cannabis - 4/20 - by proudly announcing that it is now a merchant on Its products will now be sold at Sears-exclusive low prices for the occasion.

Long Live The Hemp 30ml bottle of Dutch Nutrient Elite

The premise behind LONG LIVE THE HEMP is simple: regular CBD oil just doesn't work. Orally-administered CBD products are infamously slow-acting compared to smoking a cannabis leaf. In fact, the particles of CBD are so large that they cannot be effectively absorbed into the bloodstream: as the body struggles in vain to break it down, 80-95% of the oil consumed simply passes through the GI tract and is wasted. From what's left, only 5-10% of the CBD gets to the parts of the body where it is needed (women tend to absorb more, i.e. 15-20% at best).

In the end, a cheaper product can turn out to be cost-prohibitive, as one would have to consume high amounts to get even a hint of a desirable effect, often overshadowed by the side effects of psychoactive substances such as THC.

To directly enter the bloodstream and realize full effect, the particles need to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB). The BBB has nano-sized gaps that protect the body from harmful large molecules such as pathogens and toxins, and selectively allow very, very small molecules into the central nervous system. To make it there, CBD needs to be nano-encapsulated.

Long Live The Hemp particle absorption vs. regular CBD (which is too large)

LONG LIVE THE HEMP's unique nanoparticles are of a 10-25 nm size, highly stable, and 100% water-soluble -- more than sufficient to cross the BBB and effectively deliver a large payload of cannabidiol molecules to where they are needed.

Taken under the tongue, 95-100% of the CBD is absorbed in as little as 90 seconds. Users (including the founders of LONG LIVE THE HEMP) have reported seeing effects in minutes for certain ailments, and have said they see desirable effects in treating chronic pain (back & neck), insomnia, anxiety, lack of focus, inflammation, and more.

3rd-party lab tests show that LONG LIVE THE HEMP's nano CBD hemp extract contains as little as 0.05% delta-9-THC (and less than 0.025% THCa), making it totally non-psychoactive. This is even lower than the FDA, Health Canada and European hemp limits of 0.3-0.2%.

Alexander Velitchko at 77 WABC Radio

Alexander Velitchko, the award-winning speaker and bestselling author who founded & owns LONG LIVE THE HEMP, was inspired by his dad's real-world experience with CBD: in a car accident aftermath, he turned to CBD for pain relief. Trying a dozen different CBD oils -- both low and high in THC -- from up to 6 different providers with little success, in the summer of 2019 Alexander's dad discovered the creators of the LONG LIVE THE HEMP nano extract, which finally gave him the relief he wanted.

LONG LIVE THE HEMP now makes its products available on the Sears Marketplace -- not only to spread awareness of the most effective CBD in the world & market but also celebrate the Sears brand's historical role in promoting products of the cannabis plant as a viable health solution.

In the early 20th century, prior to Prohibition, the Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog shopping empire famously sold cannabis by mail order as a natural treatment for common ailments of the era, such as rabies, tetanus, delirium, and diarrhea.

Cover of Sears, Roebuck & Co.'s Department of Drugs catalog in the early 20th century, which sold products including medicinal cannabis.
A list of tinctures sold by Sears in a 1902 catalog, including cannabis indica, which is high in THC.

One product in the catalog was Infants Relief, made & sold to treat diarrhea in infants. Infants Relief contained only 2 ingredients, one of which was cannabis extract.

Today, LONG LIVE THE HEMP has a similar "no-filler-ingredients" approach to its products. For example, DUTCH NUTRIENT Elite, the company's flagship product, has only 1 ingredient: the nano-sized hemp extract. The company will also introduce a skin cream called , which is simply the same hemp extract -- except diluted with high-pH water, making it ideal for topical application.

Sears shoppers can now get what they want out of CBD, much as their ancestors did 100 years ago... except online, and without THC. And at greatly discounted rates. LONG LIVE THE HEMP products are currently priced lower on Sears than everywhere else.

This is another step in LONG LIVE THE HEMP's initiative to make the most effective product broadly accessible to those turning to CBD for relief during the current global crisis. There are more and more studies on how nano CBD can benefit the immune system and other important parts of the body.

DUTCH NUTRIENT Elite, the company’s strongest line with 200 mg/ml of bioavailable cannabidiol, is available on in:

The products can also be found on Sears-affiliated marketplaces such as

More products will soon be available, including the facial & skin cream/serum in roll-on bottles, as well as a nano CBD formulation for pets.


For more information, call or text (281) 915-NANO (6266). LONG LIVE THE HEMP is open to affiliate and distributorship inquiries.

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