First of Its Kind Nano-sized Hemp-Based CBD Launches in Spring Sale

LONG LIVE THE HEMP, a provider of true water-soluble hemp-derived CBD, is pleased to announce its grand opening, and is now running the “Take Your Spring Back” sale on its inaugural hemp extract products – providing an effect equivalent to 200 mg/ml active CBD – at discounted introductory prices.

Alexander Velitchko – the marketing personality who’s shared his message on the same stage as Martha Stewart, Ice-T & Coco at Carnegie Hall; and on the same stage as Suzanne Somers & Caitlyn Jenner at Harvard Club of Boston – started LONG LIVE THE HEMP for one reason: CBD oil may be big news, but the studies show that most orally administered products are not bioavailable enough to be effective.

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His dad’s experience confirms this research. Seeking relief from a car accident aftermath, he tried 6 different CBD oils to treat his insomnia and chronic pain. He found none of them to work consistently.

This motivated Alexander and his dad to find a better and more effective product.

Over 60-70% of the CBD goes to waste down your GI tract,” says Alexander of his research. “That’s just how much of the particles get destroyed. They’re 1000-5000 microns large, way too big to pass through the blood-brain barrier.

Thanks to a successful business relationship with a group of bio-nutraceutical scientists, LONG LIVE THE HEMP is pleased to now offer a hemp formula composed of small, highly-stable liquid structures – vs. large oil particles of 1000-5000 microns, and even better than mere "nanoemulsions" – for 20X the absorption rate of regular CBD oils.

As the human body consists mostly of water, it makes sense that water-soluble is absorbed much better than oils.

This water-soluble liquid formula is a whole-spectrum (a.k.a. “full spectrum”) extract from the whole industrial hemp plant. It contains not only pure cannabidiol, but also the other organic compounds (cannabinoids) of the hemp. Taken under the tongue, in as little as 90 seconds, 95-100% of the hemp molecules cross the blood-brain barrier, and can get to the parts of the body where they're needed. Being 100% water-soluble, the hemp extract also fully dissolves in beverages and can be taken with them.

LONG LIVE THE HEMP products contain far less THC than the FDA hemp limit of 0.3% by dry weight*; in fact, the original Dutch Nutrient Elite has been tested at as little as 0.05% THC. Certificates of Analysis are available from the company upon request.

*All Long Live The Hemp products are manufactured in compliance with the definition of "industrial hemp" per the 2018 Farm Bill and Controlled Substances Act. In fact, Dutch Nutrient Elite has tested in two different labs for 6 times below the 0.3% limit. Forthcoming products have tested for 0.00% THC using the same methods, to meet not only the Farm Bill but also certain stricter international rules.

Studies also show that, compared to typical "nano CBD" products, some of which are liposomal and micelle structures, LONG LIVE THE HEMP liquid structures are more highly stable, which is necessary to carry a large payload of CBD to the body.

Customers struggling to find an effective CBD product would be interested in choosing LONG LIVE THE HEMP. It’s an ideal addition to their daily regimen, as it’s not only all-natural – it also takes action quickly & at large scale.

All LONG LIVE THE HEMP products have no filler ingredients or additives. Customers can experience the full effect, and the full flavor, of the hemp extract, as a single ingredient. In Dutch Nutrient Elite, the extract itself (containing terpenes) is naturally delicious & refreshing.

Alexander's dad now uses LONG LIVE THE HEMP formulas to get a good night's sleep. He has also found it effective treating inflammation, back & neck pain, lack of focus, anxiety, and other ailments mostly consistent with his car accident aftermath.

Here's what more people have reported about LONG LIVE THE HEMP:

  • From founder Alexander Velitchko – … when my teeth get sensitive or painful, I take some Dutch Nutrient Elite, and immediately the pain begins to disappear. 15 minutes later, the pain is all gone – and I feel like moving and grooving!
  • ... tense and stressed out from working all day … took a dose and within 30 seconds I felt much more relaxed physically and mentally!
  • It did take 2-3 days to get out all the toxins and clear the body. Then, I finally had a good sleep without waking up 3-4-5-6 am in the morning. It was my first sound sleep, uninterrupted, in years.

Customers are invited to taste the difference for themselves. And if not now, then when? 

LONG LIVE THE HEMP's The “Take Your Spring Back” launch sale features these products at discounted introductory prices, making them now broadly accessible to those turning to CBD for relief during the current global crisis. There are more and more studies on how water-soluble hemp extracts can benefit the immune system and other important parts of the body.

Long Live The Hemp's Dutch Nutrient line of products will be made available to consumers in:

  • 10ml (.33 fl oz) bottles
  • 30ml (1 fl oz) bottles

More products will soon be available.


For more information, call (281) 378-3888. LONG LIVE THE HEMP is open to affiliate, white-label, distributor & retail inquiries.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. LONG LIVE THE HEMP products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As with any dietary supplement, before taking any LONG LIVE THE HEMP supplements, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider for professional advice.

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