Water-Soluble CBD Relaunches with New Zero-THC Extracts

Dutch Nutrient V RAW Resurrects the Original Water-Soluble CBD Hemp with Five Times the Power

In August 2019, for the first time in history, hemp extracts became available to be dissolved completely in water. Whereas other companies attempted to lay claim, Long Live The Hemp's Dutch Nutrient Elite came to market with 6+ years of industry-leading R&D, debuting the first 100% water-soluble CBD product with true 95-100% bioavailability, 20X that of oil-based products—and with one ingredient: the hemp extract itself.

Now, Dutch Nutrient Elite has been succeeded by a new formula named Dutch Nutrient V, the world's first 100% water-soluble broad-spectrum CBD, with five times the CBD of its predecessor, and 0.00% THC.

Water-Soluble Broad Spectrum CBD in 77503 and 77062

With a proprietary patent-pending process, Long Live The Hemp's products mix perfectly into any drink or food. It's offered unprecedented convenience and simplicity for those who have been looking for a safe, reliable way to enjoy the full effect of their daily dose of cannabinoids, without having to worry about the side effects from THC. It can dissolve into any liquid without being filtered or strained out—and leaves it crystal clear.

What's the difference between Dutch Nutrient V and Dutch Nutrient Elite?

Dutch Nutrient Elite was a whole-spectrum (a.k.a. full-spectrum) whole-plant extract. This means it contained the entire contents of the industrial hemp plant, from stem to flower. It also contained 0.05% THC, six times below the limit for what the FDA deems to be "hemp."

The new Dutch Nutrient V line is a broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract. The difference: It does not contain flavonoids or terpenes, the compounds that give hemp its taste and smell. It also does not contain any THC at all, confirmed by its accompanying Certificate of Analysis (viewable through the Dutch Nutrient V RAW product page) using the same testing methods.

Long Live The Hemp Dutch Nutrient V

With 0% THC content, these products are also ideal for athletes and active military who want to avoid impairment, or anyone interested in trying highly-effective cannabinoid products but not wanting the high of THC.

Just in time for Veterans Day, Long Live The Hemp has begun rolling out the Dutch Nutrient V line with Dutch Nutrient V RAW, which like Elite is the water-soluble extract on its own. The company will expand the line with water-soluble flavors added to the raw extract, drawing from customer feedback and preferences; the new flavors are slated to hit LongLiveTheHemp.com end-of-November.

What's the difference between water soluble CBD and CBD oil?

Regular CBD oil is simply an oil, just like olive oil or coconut oil. Imagine dropping any oil into a water bottle. No matter how much you shake the bottle, giant bubbles of oil float on the surface of the water, and the oil bubbles don't dissolve; sometimes forming even bigger clumps.

Oil is not mixable with water, unless you put it into a centrifuge. In fact, as the body struggles in vain to break it down, 95% of the oil consumed simply passes through the GI tract and is wasted. From what's left, only 5-10% of the CBD gets to the parts of the body where it is needed. Women tend to absorb more, i.e. 15-20% at best -- to which Long Live The Hemp founder Alexander Vee observes "we men lost some abilities in our evolution!"

With oil, you absorb no more than 5% of what you pay for, and the rest passes through your liver, as oil bubbles don't mix with water.

Meanwhile, water-soluble CBD, provided it is properly extracted and processed, is designed so that much more of the cannabinoids directly enter the bloodstream and realize full effect.

In Long Live The Hemp's liquid structures, "much more" means 95-100% of the cannabinoids. That means water-soluble CBD gives you 20X the bioavailability of oil-based products, and a single 50mg dose can feel equivalent to 1000mg of active CBD -- because you feel the full effect.

The human body consists mostly of water, so naturally, water-soluble is absorbed better. Being 100% water-soluble, the hemp extract also fully dissolves in beverages and can be taken with them.

See this demonstration of how the new Dutch Nutrient V performs in water:

How long does it take for water soluble CBD to kick in?

Taken under the tongue, in as little as 2 minutes, 95-100% of the hemp molecules cross the blood-brain barrier and directly enter the cannabinoid receptors.

Sublingually, CBD oils can take an hour or hours to kick in, some requiring much higher doses before anything is felt. Taking Long Live The Hemp's water-soluble CBD, especially sublingually, clients have reported feeling effects in minutes—finally bringing it to what Healthline describes as the action time for CBD.

Depending on one's prior use of CBD and prescription drugs, it may take a few doses before one begins to feel the effect.

Is water soluble CBD better?

Yes! Water-soluble CBD is absolutely better. As described, mere CBD oils pass thorough the GI tract. While "nanoemulsified" products or "Nano CBD" claim to enhance bioavailability, all examples found by Long Live The Hemp have filler ingredients, and not only are the molecules unstable, tests have found emulsifiers to not be water-soluble.

Companies sometimes confuse "emulsion" for "water-soluble," when in fact the two could not be more different. Emulsified CBD results in cloudy or milky white water, while water-soluble CBD leaves water crystal-clear, as demonstrated in the video above.

The liquid-structured molecules of Dutch Nutrient have been tested to be stable even in 200℉+ hot foods and beverages—so they remain rock-solid in transportation from under your tongue (or the beverage you drink) to your endocannabinoid system. They deliver a large payload of CBD and cannabinoids, with maximum effectiveness, to the target zone where they do their job: the cellular level.

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