What is Nano CBD

What is Nano CBD

Various industries in the world today are looking to improve the bioavailability of their products. Nanotechnology or various liquid structures tech are being used to achieve this because it works on the principle of reducing the size of an element's particles. The hemp industry has also started using nanotechnology to make products like CBD better. CBD refers to cannabidiol, an extract of hemp plants that has many health benefits without giving you a psychoactive feeling.

At Long Live the Hemp, after long 6 years in R&D, we’ve created CBD that is easily absorbed and highly bioavailable to help you reap the benefits faster. We only provide the highest quality and purest nano CBD to all our customers. So, what is nano CBD? Nano CBD refers to cannabidiol, whose particles have been reduced to bring the best technology there is out there, so anyone can achieve more with less.

Reasons Why Nano CBD is Better Than Regular CBD

As noted above, nano CBD is cannabidiol particles reduced to nano-size to enhance absorption into the bloodstream and here are reasons why it’s better than regular CBD:

  • High Absorption Rate

Most of the Nano CBD you take in is absorbed into your body to address various ailments. A hemp extract's absorption rate is affected by its physical characteristics, size, the route or intake methods and bioavailability.

If the product has large particles, then only part of it will be absorbed, whereas if the particles are tiny, more of the compound will be absorbed into the bloodstream. Using nanotechnology to create smaller particles means that all the nano CBD you ingest is used up by your body. And hence the less of it is needed to accomplish the same goal. Plus, it doesn't have to be processed by you liver.

  • Non-Psychoactive

Nano CBD is an excellent choice for people who don’t like experiencing the ‘high’ delivered by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). That’s because CBD is non-psychoactive. It’s known to be effective for reducing anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, cytokine storm and many more.

  • Fast Acting

Nano CBD is absorbed quickly and takes only a short time to start acting on pain and discomfort. The smaller particles spread rapidly throughout the body and stop your pain at its source. Unlike pharmaceuticals, which can take hours to be effective, you will begin to feel the effect of nano CBD within 90 seconds. 

Please note however, people who are prescription medication and/or have been exposed for a while to different medications, usually will take one to three or more days to see the desireble effect. And the other most important consideration is to take the recommended dose. While majority people will experience the effects of hemp cbd from the first dose, for some it may take 1 to 3 days. This is referred to as detox period.

  • Water Soluble

As you well aware of not being able to mix water and oil. The same is true for the CBD oil. Oil will not dissolve, and when you drink it, you’ll have an oily taste in your mouth. Long Live the Hemp CBD dissolves in water 100% and you can take it that way without getting a greasy aftertaste. Compared to ordinary CBD products, nano CBD is absorbed faster because of its water-solubility. Why you ask, well ... humans by nature consist mostly of liquid.

Discover Nano CBD Today

At Long Live the Hemp, we believe that each person is entitled to live a pain-free, comfortable, and healthy life. Every time you use pharmaceuticals for pain management, there is a risk of addiction, as a side effect. But with our 100 percent natural products, you need not worry about that. Our nano CBD helps with anxiety, insomnia, pain relief, a lack of focus and other ailments. If you need more information on what is nano CBD or to place an order, call us today on 281-378-3888.

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What is Nano CBD

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