Wholesale Hemp Extract

Wholesale Hemp Extract

What is Whole Hemp Extract

Try typing in Hemp Extract and count the number of results you get.  And what is hemp extract good for anyways?

The market has many underlying drives that influence your performance in equally different ways. First-time buyers can pinpoint an appropriate wholesaler using the guidelines below.

What you should know before buying  wholesale hemp extracts

Clean and high-quality CBD

The most obvious and important factor is the quality of the product. The truth is that most of the full spectrum hemp oil extracts of today’s market are ineffective and mislabeled. Customers who value purity and quality will choose a retail business that stocks wholesale hemp extract free of toxins and bacteria. And one should not ask for CoA or Certificate of Authenticity. It has to be readily available on product site for easy browsing experience. Our hemp products have maximum therapeutic health benefits because the small nano particles can quickly enter the bloodstream and get carried to where it is most needed. Long Live the Hemp wholesale extract is one of the first nano hemp oil extract with 20X bioavailability of the regular cbd/hemp oil with broad spectrum terpene profiles. It is single ingredient cbd oil. Made from pure organic industrial hemp, using co2 extraction as primary method with patent pending proprietary IP technology.

Low THC content

The CBD product must have the lowest THC level possible. THC is a psychoactive element that will test positive in a drug test. And Dutch Nutrient Elite has only 0.05% of THCa. It is 5 times less than what FDA deems to be zero(0.3%). It means you can take 10 ml or more and never get high. Reason we say it, we had one client took 10 ml in one day and all he experienced was focus, alertness, productivity and much more, without any side effects of thc content. Now where do you find Hemp oil Extract like this? - only at Long Live the Hemp store you can feel the difference of true nano cbd oil.

The best wholesale hemp extract must contain below the 0.3% THC content and have an accurate advertising label. The Long Live the Hemp products are safe for consumers and will deliver the desired magnitude of holistic benefits.

The health benefits of hemp oil products

Today’s industrial hemp products have a multitude of offerings, such as oils, tinctures, hemp flower and edibles, hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, isolates, and capsules. You must choose a distributor with organic and below THC limits hemp products.

Long Live the Hemp owners know the science behind full spectrum Nano hemp extracts and keep the right testing and quality assurance programs for each bottle. Our proprietary process provide not only stable shelf life - up to 2 Years - but also immediate delivery on the molecular level, where it is needed the most - endocannabinoid system.

Dutch Nutrient Elite is the same all-natural organic health and wellness hemp oil extract supplement, that has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties to balance endocannabinoid system. With a long history of use in traditional medicine, the benefits of hemp are quickly becoming more well known. Hemp is rapidly making its way into the mainstream with products ranging from supplements, lotions, foods to renewable building materials.

Did you know that major luxury auto manufacturers from Europe have been using industrial hemp to produce parts for their cars for many years.

Hemp extract wholesale pricing structure

The wholesaler’s pricing model should make financial sense to your business and be in alignment with the product’s concentration and strength. Industry research reveals that products with CBD content between 200 and 500mg will sell better than those with more than 1000mg.

You can get the best prices on hemp products by talking to our team about joining our distribution system. Let us help you do the math by giving you the details of the products and selling programs before you start the sale. The result is you can easily optimize the pricing structure to make sure you do not miss out on all the profitable opportunities.

Testing quality

Consistent testing of all products is essential in offering credible proof of hemp oil concentrate. The testing results should reveal at least the following data:

  • CBD and THC content
  • Quality of the plant
  • Ingredients
  • Presence of other byproducts
  • Trace amounts of pesticides, solvents,heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins etc.

If the hemp extract product you are pricing does not have the above said data, you should avoid even talking about the price.

Water soluble hemp/cbd extract is a very trendy product for retailers or manufacturers of their own lotions, salves, creams and other beauty products seeking highest quality hemp ingredients. Contact us when you are ready to buy wholesale hemp products or ingredients for your next project. We can provide educational material and help with your hemp marketing campaign. We provide media coverage and more for all our distributors as part of our thank you for becoming the part of our family. We are happy to stay in touch on 281.378.3888 for all kinds of queries even after your purchase.

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Zero THC: All Long Live The Hemp products contain no more than 0.1% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by dry weight.

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