Compared to regular drops, Nano-Sized Hemp means better assimilation into the cellular level — where the damage is done.

Our DUTCH NUTRIENT is a pure, 1-ingredient nano Whole Plant Hemp Extract. Get the hemp, throw in other oils later.

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Long Live The Hemp Reviews

Sergey V.
Sergey V.
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I've had neck and shoulder pain from working at home, causing headaches. been trying various hemp CBD oils to take care of it. No, didn't work. None of them. So when I found Long Live the Hemp, naturally I was a bit skeptical, but when I started reading into them I was happy to find I wasn't alone in thinking those other CBD don't work - and now I see why they didn't work for me. When I dug deep into their nanotechnology I was sold. I got their bestseller, their "Dutch nutrient Elite" 30ml oil (and they provided a coupon for it - WIN!) I tried it in the recommended dosages, using it on my neck and sublingually. The neck pain disappeared right away, and in a day I had the most sound sleep I've had in years. These nanoparticles really do work miracles. My faith in CBD is restored! Thank you so much L.L.T.H.!
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Nano makes all the difference
I tried about 2x1ml of this product for two days, only before going to sleep , and I have to say I slept like a baby. I couldn't believe it worked like it said it would. Great natural taste and fast like few minutes, no that additional oil taste. Nano so far so good, better than good Thank you!

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