We were seeking relief.
Conventional medicine just didn’t cut it for us.

We turned to half a dozen kinds of CBD oil.
That just didn’t cut it for us, either.

We refused to be complacent.

Just as we dropped our blind faith in Big Pharma, we dropped our blind faith in natural products with unpleasant side effects. Side effects you can’t ignore.

If you’ve tried everything, and you now believe there’s nothing else to turn to…

…you’re probably right.

There’s a huge problem: most CBD products and hemp extracts are ineffective.
It’s in the science.
It’s in the physics.

We set out to solve this problem – just for people like YOU.
Thus was born…


Four years ago my dad was violently rear-ended in a car accident. Twice. TWICE in a row.

The aftermath?

This has caused him neck & back pain, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, loss of sensitivities, inability to focus, impaired anger management, muscle stiffness, inflammation, difficulty getting out of bed, difficulty sitting and standing, lying down on his back to put his socks on, inability to work with a computer, drinking problem — heck, he ended up selling his beloved Volvo S60R!

The recovery has been slow. For relief, he turned to over 6 different providers of CBD oils — trying over a dozen different products. Some with THC, and some with very little.

None of which he found worked consistently. And it would take 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours to kick in!

Because as he found out later on, over 60-70% of CBD oil goes to waste down your GI tract.

That’s just how much of the particles get destroyed. They’re way too big to pass through the blood-brain barrier.

All the lack of success, all those days wasted, all the money spent… he said to himself: “I know there’s got to be something better.”

Are you REALLY winning by buying so-called “cheaper” products — that in the end, cost you MORE?

Well, now there’s a way for everybody to win.

Dad discovered our True Nano-sized Whole Spectrum Hemp Extract, the first of its kind, and took a dropper.

It did take 2-3 days to get out all the toxins and clear the body.

UNTIL… he got his first sound sleep, uninterrupted, in years.

Since then, he’s been using LONG LIVE THE HEMP products to manage his pain — and very effectively.


At LONG LIVE THE HEMP, we aim to make the absolute fullest use of industrial hemp as a legitimate health tool.

Our liquid extract from organic hemp plant is composed of nano-sized particles.

It’s true nano. Not “nano-enhanced” – it is THE Nano.

The molecules are consistently 10 to 25 nanometers large.

Also, the extract has waaay below the FDA limit of 0.3% THC – it is totally non-psychoactive. Don’t believe us? See the COA.


  • 95-100% absorption rate
  • You won’t get “high” or woozy, no matter how much you take
  • In only 90 seconds, the millions & millions of nanoparticles are already in your system
  • Action time in mere minutes, not hours
  • You FINALLY feel the positive effects on their own…
  • …and you feel them up to 20X as much as you do in regular CBD oil!

If you want to learn more about the science that makes LONG LIVE THE HEMP sooo much better, more effective and tastier than all those other liquid hemp extracts and oils, read our page THE SCIENCE.

Along with our founder, hundreds of customers have reported to us that they use LONG LIVE THE HEMP products for chronic pains, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, lack of focus, and various other ailments.

Not one of them has complained. All of them have told us they’re consistently happy with the results.

They used to be Hemp Crusaders.
Now, they’re all Hemp Disciples.

You too can join their ranks.

When it seems all hope is lost,

Once you’ve felt the difference, you will never go back to anything else.

You’re just one click away from Rebuilding Your Natural Foundation – the way your grandparents did.*

*DID YOU KNOW… America was founded on hemp? George Washington was an avid grower of industrial hemp; you paid your taxes with hemp; and the first U.S. Federal Reserve money was printed on hemp paper.


Who's behind all this madness?

Alexander Velitchko live in the 77 WABC Radio studio

Award-winning speaker & bestselling author best known as a marketing/PR consultant to change-making Entrepreneurs, helping them Do-Mi-Nate their industries using his unique “ABC’s of Marketing” formula.

He’s shared his message on the same stage as Martha Stewart and Ice-T & Coco at Carnegie Hall; on the same stage as Suzanne Somers at the Harvard Club of Boston; at Nasdaq, Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz; and even at the West Point Military Academy.

Alexander is also a lifelong purveyor of healthy lifestyle. When he was 6 years old, after eating a whole box of Wheaties, he had a severe allergic reaction. 

One thing led to another, and before long, his parents put him cold-turkey on not just a plain “gluten-free” diet, but a gluten, wheat & starch-free diet: the even more restrictive Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Very early on, he learned to appreciate how delicious a meal could be when prepared using only the purest resources of Mother Nature. Now, he & his dad have been encouraging others to do the same. 

Along the way, they’ve been discovering effective alternatives to traditional chemical treatments & supplements for the immune system, cardiovascular health, and healing wounds.

Now, Alexander is integrating his 10+ years of digital marketing and PR experience with his passion for healthy living – determined to spread awareness of the most effective product of its kind.

Here's his experience using LONG LIVE THE HEMP:

My dad – being the inspiration for this whole thing – invited me to be the guinea pig. He asked me to compare Long Live The Hemp Dutch Nutrient hemp extract, vs. the regular CBD oil he was prescribed.

I tried his regular oil. After an hour or so, I started feeling woozy & dizzy, and not really wanting to do anything. In the end, all it did was put me to sleep. Very unpleasantly. I lost hours of daytime productivity.

Now I understood how it felt to take one of the same things that made my dad suffer. All the complaints of lost sleep, all those times he felt woozy, all those times he started having slow, slurred speech with very (I mean veeery) long pauses – so much so that I had to yell at him LOUD to get him to complete his thoughts.

When you take any health product, you do it for your own well-being. Why should you suffer as a result?

A day later, I tried my very first dropper of our own brand-new Dutch Nutrient formulation. What a relief! Drop the stuff under my tongue, and a minute & a half later, I could already feel the effects. And the effects were only positive. I felt a renewed, intense sense of focus rushing over me. I felt a release of emotional and physical tension. And I became able to go about the day much more easily without distraction.

These days, when my teeth get sensitive or painful, I take some Dutch Nutrient, and immediately the pain begins to disappear. 15 minutes later, the pain is all gone – and I feel like moving and grooving!

It also helps to relieve me of stress, anger & tension, and helps me to be a more productive, focused person during the day. At night, if I feel restless, I take it, and I sleep like a baby.

I’m grateful to play a part in developing and promoting nanotechnology that has yielded the most effective liquid hemp product of its kind. There is zero competition. 

If my experience – and my customers’ experience – is any indication, we’re now in a whole new era of pain management, where it feels like anything is possible.

What are you waiting for? Go Hemp for Hemp!
Are you over 18 years of age?
All products contain less than 0.2% THC.