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"Throw Out Your CBD Now," they said -- but read their ingredients!

Sucralose: Do you really want it?
Caffeine: Do you really want it? You already get it in your daily cuppa joe, so don't pay extra.
Stevia Leaf Extract: Do you really want it?
L-phenylalanine: Do you really want anything with more than 4 syllables?
"Natural and Artificial Flavors": OK, now you've really lost the plot... RED FLAG!

If you say NO to at least one of the above, then you've got to try this CBD!

Based on 6+ years R&D, Dutch Nutrient was the original (and best) 100% water-soluble full-spectrum hemp oil, debuting in August 2019. One ingredient, and yet 20X the effect. Unbeaten in purity and concentration. Pure, natural, and backed in science, it quickly received rave reviews from new converts.

Our customers have asked for an even stronger product. Here you go: if you want the best, this is it.

The scientists behind Dutch Nutrient have re-formulated with 5X the CBD -- giving an effect equivalent to more than 1000MG of active CBD per 1 ML dose. Imagine that...

After 6+ years R&D and testing them against everything, we've found our proprietary liquid structures the most effective at delivering a mega-payload of CBD and cannabinoids. They act fast, they act fully, and best of all, they don't use some silly "oil" encapsulation -- they're made to be stable and retain the full effect. No shaking, swishing or gargling required.

Most CBD and hemp users only get 5-25% of what they're paying for. Imagine what it's like to get 95-100% of what you love...

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100% water-soluble, 0.00% THC, 20X the absorption of regular hemp oil in the first 30 minutes. Fast-acting, strong, delicious, and beautiful. No fillers, no additives.

Taste raw nature, as nature intended it.

The Best Way to Blast Cannabinoids Into Your Brain (think broad spectrum)

Introducing the first water soluble broad spectrum CBD that's fast acting, super bioavailable, and when taken sublingually provide 20X the absorption.

Long Live The Hemp Water-soluble CBD Broad Spectrum is made from the purest water soluble hemp Cannabidiol compound on the planet made with a 95% potency (we like to underestimate) to give you outstanding results. This product provides significantly higher absorption rates. Think 50mg/ml of pure CBD 20X absorption.

With 50 milligrams per millilitre of this broad spectrum for your everyday use, one dropper equals 50mg giving you a consistency that will enter your bloodstream within minutes after taking it sublingually - then it'll work its way through your entire body to create balance and harmony where needed the most!

It's a whole-plant extract, giving you the complete terpene and cannabinoid profile of a industrial hemp plant - I mean everything that's in it. From stem to bud. And, zero THC, zilch, nada, none detected...!

All these natural cannabinoid compounds, including CBD, collide to create an "entourage effect." Working together, they multiply the overall effect of your CBD experience. Especially so when you take a product with industry-leading absorption & stability.

Choose a whole plant hemp extract you can count on. It's not only made with nothing left out, but you feel nothing's left out.

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Differences and Effects, and what you should choose

Most people think "broad-spectrum CBD products" and "full-spectrum product" mean the same thing. When actually, they're totally different.

The short of it is Broad spectrum has no THC whatsoever (as in 0.00% THC), while full spectrum contains less than 0.3% THC.

Keep in mind that activation time (how long it will take to feel the effects), absorption and bioavailability (how much CBD is absorbed by the bloodstream) of full spectrum, broad spectrum depend on the type of product being used, not the type of CBD one is consuming.

Next step to consider is oil or water soluble. All humans as U n I, we consist of at least 60% of water and thus absorb water soluble hemp extract better.

If you're not sure which to pick, stick with broad spectrum CBD for full protection (and zero THC) and efficacy -- and use only water soluble hemp extract, since that's the fastest and best way to experience the effects and benefits of hemp broad spectrum products.

Also, look for products that have been verified by accredited labs (ISO or FDA) to match the product labels. In these cases, it's more likely that the extract tests clean.

Unfortunately, this is an issue with even hemp-derived CBD products.

In some climates, hemp plants, grown to contain low or no THC levels, can go "hot" and end up containing more than the desired volume of THC. As of 2021, some producers are pressuring the FDA to raise the federal level of THC for industrial hemp from 0.3% to 1%.

Isn't it better to maintain your own standards? We maintain one, and it's ZERO THC.

Why Choose a Superior Water-Soluble Broad-Spectrum CBD? (Think Dutch Nutrient)

Not all "water-soluble" products are created equal. Most CBD products are oils, which are no good for bioavailability.

Various companies have come up with different solutions to this problem. They all share the same principle: nanotechnology works for drug delivery, so why not use it for CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids? After all, the same mechanism directs cannabinoids straight to where they take effect: your endocannabinoid receptors.

These delivery mechanisms include liposomes, micelles and nano-emulsion. In theory, they're good ideas. However, these models tend not to have a long shelf life without preservatives. The molecules fall apart and spill the CBD away from where it's supposed to go. By the time the remaining molecules are near your brain, they're not "full."

Often, they're mixed with many other things that dilute the array of cannabinoids. Ultimately, you still don't feel the cannabinoid content advertised.

Moreover, they're not fully water-soluble. They don't dissolve evenly into clear liquids. They look cloudy or milky. This is important to note, since again 60% of our body is made of water.

When the liquid is totally transparent, only then do you know the hemp extract has fully dissolved in water.

When these products are cheap, you know they aren't backed with the necessary technology and effort. Heck, think about THC products. The more the concentration of THC vs. CBD, the lower the price.


Because extractors don't have to work as hard to remove tetrahydrocannabinols. My dad and many other clients have tried dozens of oil-based products, and after a while, they'd get heartburn of some kind.

By bypassing the obstacle of all regular digestive processes, Water-Soluble Liquid Structure Broad Spectrum hemp extract delivers CBD and the broad spectrum of cannabinoids right through the blood-brain barrier, and directly into your cannabinoid receptors. They don't go anywhere they shouldn't. They only go where you feel the effect, and where the damage is done.

Best of all, these water-soluble structures don't decay in the bloodstream. They stay stable from tongue (or skin) to brain, ENSURING that you feel a 95-100% payload.

It's like Sega "Blast Processing," except here, instead of a vague concept, we're talking about a real delivery mechanism. It's all possible with the painstaking research and development of leading scientists.

The Extraction Process: A Hemp Source Like None Other

Dutch Nutrient V is 100% made in the USA. It's extracted from hemp in Texas using proprietary extraction methods.

Rigorous quality control on EVERY stage ensures industry-leading consistency from bottle to bottle, from batch to batch. If you're looking for quality products that work, you're in the right place.

  • It begins from hemp farming & growth. No pesticides or any potentially harmful chemicals. Our farmers are responsible for keeping the THC to nil.
  • Initial extraction has also been perfected to where the final product contains the advertised CBD, the broad spectrum of cannabinoids in the hemp plant, and zero THC. Plus - no heavy metal, no residual solvents, no dangerous chemicals.
  • Processing ensures that the product you consume gives you a COMPLETE delivery of what you want.

One ingredient, full & effective, raw & beautiful. It's the only option: hemp for all people. Experience the ancestral flavor like never before.

What Type of Benefits Can I Expect?

The natural compounds of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) are known to have a variety of health benefits. Each cannabinoid and terpene is known for its own potential benefits.

Many users (both first-time users and recurring users) get different things out of Broad-Spectrum Water-Soluble whole plant hemp extract. We can't begin to list them all here. Besides, no commercial CBD product (except the epilepsy drug Epidiolex) is an FDA-approved medical product, so we can't advertise it as such.

These are some of the potential health benefits that customers tell us they buy Dutch Nutrient V for:

  • Chronic pain relief
  • Anxiety relief
  • Quality of sleep
  • Mold allergies
  • High blood pressure
  • Balancing a cytokine storm

The decision to start Long Live The Hemp, and commercialize the Liquid-Structure research, was inspired by my own dad's experience using the hemp extract for his chronic pain. After experimenting with a dozen types of oil drops, from half a dozen manufacturers, the original Dutch Nutrient formula finally did the trick for him.

Again, we as a company are not allowed to advertise this product as doing these things. Only individuals can speak for its effects. Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system, which has direct ties to -- among other things -- emotions, memory, appetite, sleep, and other cognitive processes. How CBD affects those factors is ENTIRELY individual. Because of the RAW, PURE and highly effective cannabinoid delivery, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND asking a medical professional about adding a product like Dutch Nutrient V to your regimen.

What we can confidently say is Water-Soluble Liquid Structures are the most excellent choice for effective delivery of CBD, QUICKLY. They're designed on first-hand research into the health effects of cannabinoids. The product potency advertised is the potency you feel -- unmitigated by any other ingredients or processes.

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Zero THC: All Long Live The Hemp products contain no more than 0.05% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by dry weight.

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