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LONG LIVE THE HEMP is looking for distributors, resellers and wholesalers!

If you are a business of ANY kind — Whether you’re already selling hemp products, or you’re just about to get into it… we invite you to add DUTCH NUTRIENT to what you offer.

Our zero-THC CBD hemp extract is highly unique for not only being pure with only 1 ingredient (the hemp extract) — it is also nano-sized. (This means true nano, not nano-“enhanced.”)

The cellular structure enables the 1-ingredient product to be effectively absorbed into where it is needed, and it is also 100% water-soluble.

Join us, and allow your customers to taste the DUTCH NUTRIENT difference.

Our goal is to have a national network of businesses…

… clinics, online & offline stores, what have you…

raising awareness and introducing new & existing customers into “The Nano Hemp Revolution.”

Tell us about yourself in the Distributorship Inquiry Form below. Let’s talk!

The more information you provide us, the better we can serve you.

The following products are available for bulk ordering: