CBD Wholesale Distributors

LONG LIVE THE HEMP is looking for distributors, resellers and wholesalers!

If you are a business of ANY kind — Whether you’re already selling hemp products, or you’re just about to get into it… we invite you to add DUTCH NUTRIENT to what you offer.

Our non-psychoactive CBD is highly unique for not only being pure with only 1 ingredient (the hemp extract) — it is also nano-sized. (This means true nano, not nano-“enhanced.”)

The cellular structure enables the 1-ingredient product to be effectively absorbed into where it is needed, and it is also 100% water-soluble.

Join us, and allow your customers to taste the DUTCH NUTRIENT difference.

Our goal is to have a national network of businesses…

… clinics, online & offline stores, what have you…

raising awareness and introducing new & existing customers into “The Nano Hemp Revolution.”

Tell us about yourself in the Distributorship Inquiry Form below. Let’s talk!


The following products are available for bulk ordering: