Deciding between our product or someone else’s? Let us help you. These are real questions that customers have asked us about our products.

No, we don’t sell any gummies or other hemp/CBD-infused foods. We sell only the raw, pure liquid hemp extract. 1 ingredient, nothing else. You can be confident that the effect you’re feeling is only that of CBD and the full spectrum of hemp – that alone.

Our website may contain references and links to other vendors who do sell gummies. Keep in mind that Long Live The Hemp does not endorse or sponsor, nor is affiliated or related with, any of these other companies. Should you buy anything from them, you do so at your own risk.

The short answer: to feel the full, unadulterated effect, we recommend not taking Dutch Nutrient simultaneously with prescription medications.

Want to find how to do this? For more detail, watch our video “Q: Can I Take Hemp Oil with Other Medications? (Answered)” (embedded below)

Sample sizes of Dutch Nutrient Elite are our 1/3 fl oz (10ml) and 1 fl oz (30ml) bottles.

Some may see desired effects instantly; others may take 2-3 days of straight dosage to see effects. This depends on previous exposure to any prescription drugs.

That’s why we offer 10ml and 30ml as our sample sizes: a single dose is not enough to determine how well it’s working for you. We give you enough to make that judgment.

Sellers of regular hemp oil recommend starting with doses of as little as 2 to 6 mg, often because the oil is diluted with other ingredients. e.g. flavoring, carriers, or other fillers inserted to dilute trace amounts of THC (making up for less rigorous quality control).

When you’re new to hemp, we understand it’s frustrating to figure out how to best take it. Everyone responds differently, and not all products are made equal. The advice in mainstream medical journals applies to regular CBD oil. It does not apply to our Dutch Nutrient, which:

  1. has 20X the hemp oil absorption rate of regular products, and hence 20X the bioavailability; and
  2. is a true one-ingredient, water-soluble hemp oil.

In Dutch Nutrient Elite, the recommended dosage is 1 ml (30-35 drops) per 100 lbs body weight. That may seem like a lot, given that 1 ml provides the equivalent of more than 200mg bioavailable hemp oil concentrate – and yet with our quality control, you can be confident that you’re getting a zero-THC product. 

One user has taken up to 7.5 ml in 1 day, without any ill effects or euphoric “high.” This is because Dutch Nutrient contains 6X less THC than what the FDA deems to be “zero THC” hemp products.

Our customers — along with our founder Alexander — agree that it is best to start with as little as 1/3 ml per 100 lbs, and then adjust as needed to the recommended dose (1 ml per 100 lbs), depending on the results. Some have had hemp extract before, others have not; all find our recommendation enough to get a feel of how it works for them.

If you’re in any one of the 50 states… yes, our CBD can be near you — at your doorstep. We’re headquartered in Houston, Texas and gladly ship to all 50 states.

Right now, we’re online only. However, we’re excited to partner with storefronts who can bring our product to customers!

Want your favorite store or medical office to carry Dutch Nutrient? Email support@longlivethehemp.com. We’ll reach out to them with your suggestion.

Depending on your conditions, how you respond to Dutch Nutrient, and your body weight, customer experience shows a single 30ml (1oz) bottle could last you up to 35 days.

You can start from as low as 1/3 a dropper (~10-11 drops) per 100 lbs (45 kg) body weight of Dutch Nutrient full-spectrum whole hemp plant extract. Adjust as needed to our recommended dose of 1 full dropper (30-35 drops) per 100 lbs.

A 30ml bottle of Dutch Nutrient full-spectrum hemp extract contains 333 mg of cannabidiol. However, our patent-pending high-bioavailability process allows the product to deliver 20X the strength, which is equivalent to more than 6500 mg active, bioavailable CBD per 30ml.

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If you have a question that isn’t yet covered here, call us at (281) 378-3888 or email us at support@longlivethehemp.com. Chances are, we’ll add it here to help customers just like you to be better informed.

Our goal is for you to understand the Dutch Nutrient Difference as best as possible, so you know enough to make a decision over other companies.

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