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The Science: Why is my CBD not working?

If your CBD is not working, you should really ask yourself: Has it been thoroughly tested in real-world usage for effectiveness?

I got to talk about this when I had the great privilege of being on a one-on-one Zoom with Dr. Oz at CNN Center in Atlanta, in August 2020—yes, at the peak of a global pandemic.

Dr. Oz and Alexander Velitchko on Zoom

We'll get back to this interview later. Let's rewind seven months back to January 2020, when the world was so much simpler, to my other 'big encounter' with Dr. Oz.

It’s 3 am in the morning. I’m watching the Dr. Oz show on late-night TV. When he announces what’s next, I’m immediately intrigued by the question on-screen:

Can CBD help my pain?

That ALONE was enough to pry my tired eyes open and gently lure me to the screen. We were about to prep marketing for our then-new CBD product, and this seemed the catalyst to substantiate it. For the next 5 minutes, Dr. Oz had my undivided attention.

That night, his interviewee was a woman in search of relief for her lower back pain. This test subject tried 3 different CBD products from different makers: a topical balm, capsules, and an oil.

The balm and capsules took her at least an hour to feel an effect, positive or negative.

The capsules made her feel woozy, dizzy and sleepy.

The oil… it didn’t have any positive effect at all!

Aye, there's the rub.

A lot of hemp-derived products may be high quality and high efficacy, yes – but sheer physics render them ineffective.

Regular hemp oils are oils. Think about when you drop oil—olive oil or CBD oil—in a water bottle. Look at all those giant bubbles. Those are the big oil particles. You shake that bottle, and shake & shake & shake it to no avail, only to find those bubbles don't dissolve—they just float on the surface of the water, perhaps in even bigger clumps.

Oil is not mixable with water, unless you put it into a centrifuge. And since it can't mix in water, it sure as HECK can't permeate the blood-brain barrier and be bioavailable. And as far as breaking down oil? It really is a darn tough nut for the body to crack!

You only absorb 5% at best. It takes hours to act.

The other 95%? It passes through your liver and gets dumped in your GI tract. From there, they go (literally) into the toilet.

No wonder you keep pouring money into it, take it over and over, and wait for magic to happen. 

Sometimes, to the point that sorcery seems like the only solution.

How can I make my CBD more effective?

In order to be more effective, the CBD must be bioavailable enough that it permeates the barrier and enters your system in minutes -- not hours.

Back to August 2020 at CNN Center. I asked Dr. Oz: "what do you know about nanotechnology and CBD?"

His reply was simple, blunt but expressive: "It's being studied."

With the glut of health & business wisdom he'd already shared in that event, that quick, three-word answer stood out. It really is true: bioavailability is still being studied because most of us don't have the gall to even begin to crack the code of bioavailability.

Those other hemp companies? I'm not saying they're deceiving their customers. They’re making an honest effort to do good. It's simply that for most people, the R&D to give you the full, unadulterated effect of hemp -- it's impractical and cost-prohibitive.

Our bio-nutraceutical scientists have set out on a continuing mission:
To Boldly Go Where No Hemp Has Gone Before!

Thanks to 6 years of expensive, extensive R&D, we now have a highly effective solution: patent-pending, proprietary liquid structures.

Yes, a unique extraction and manufacturing system that allows the hemp extract to be naturally bioavailable and 100% water-soluble with only 1 ingredient: the concentrated hemp itself. No carriers, no flavoring, no nothing -- YES -- you have full confidence that all you're experiencing is the CBD and natural cannabinoids of hemp.

Now, for the average Joe, the tech for this is impractical and expensive. Ever heard of Nano hemp? It's still diluted with lots of fillers and flavoring -- and besides, it's unstable, meaning not only a very short shelf life -- they aren't resilient enough to effectively deliver enough cannabinoids to the body.

LONG LIVE THE HEMP products, including its former Dutch Nutrient, and now, the new Dutch Nutrient V formula (5X as powerful as the original), are all of the following:

  • Highly stable
  • Safe to store at room temperature
  • NO NEED to shake before use
  • 2 years shelf life from date of manufacture
  • 95-100% absorption on first pass -- gets to where the body needs it quickly, and effectively

At last – we can say goodbye to the other inefficient products. Now, we can rely on a hemp concentrate that takes action quickly and at large scale. It’s also 100% water-soluble, so you can drop it in your water, coffee, smoothies, juice, whatever – it dissolves fully & evenly, leaves clear liquids clear, and you can have it in your beverage of choice.

You don’t have to worry about undesirable side effects such as getting high. Everything is tested by 3rd-party laboratories, and put through rigorous quality control processes, to ensure every next bottle’s worth of that fresh liquid extract entering your system is just as effective as the last one.

The testing ranges from seed to sale – from the organic, pesticide-free, chemical-free hemp grown by licensed growers, to the final product: the fresh, earthy liquid of hemp that goes under your tongue and springs your body to life — in minutes.

Worried about THC? 3rd-party lab testing shows that our product has far less than the FDA hemp limit of 0.3% THC by dry weight.

No, not even "far less."

In fact, our lab reports (available upon request) show ALL of our current products have...

0.00% THC.

Heck, it's even good for Japan!

No matter how much you take, you won’t have to bear the consequences of getting high.

(Using the same detection methods, the previous Dutch Nutrient formula had as little 0.05% THC, which itself was an industry-low here in the States, especially for a product that is so pure, strong, and fast-acting.)

Oh, and regular oils often have unnecessary additives, like… MCT oil, glycerin, other oils… why are you spending your money on THAT!? When you can just have the pure hemp extract, so you can feel the difference on its own. Then, if you wish, you can buy the other ingredients separately and add them later.

Yes, natural is better than unnatural. You've probably lived a long time believing natural alone is "enough."

Newsflash: IT'S NOT ENOUGH!

It's not only about what it's made of. It's about how it's made.

Our plan:
To make THE #1 MOST EFFECTIVE hemp concentrate in the world accessible to all in need.

Be a part of our plan.
What are you waiting for?
Go Hemp for Hemp!

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