Can You Use Hemp Oil for Itchy Eyes? (My Experience)

The question: "Can I use hemp oil for itchy eyes?" Here is my experience using Long Live The Hemp's Dutch Nutrient, which provides 20X the bioavailability of similar products, and does so with only one ingredient: full spectrum zero-THC whole plant hemp extract.

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PLEASE NOTE: This is ONLY our founder talking about his individual experience. It is NOT medical advice, and is not to be construed as such. Dutch Nutrient is not FDA-approved for medical use. If you want to find out what it does for you, given your own health conditions, it is most advisable to try Dutch Nutrient yourself. Prior to taking it, especially if you are on any supplementary regimen (or any medications), we recommend asking your doctor for advice.

Hey hey hey! This is Alexander Vee of Long Live The Hemp … and I have had another thing that I can now add to a long list of benefits that I’ve experienced from using Dutch Nutrient by Long Live The Hemp: the highest bioavailability hemp extract in the market containing CBD.

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What caused the itchy eyes?

I was staying in a friend's house for a couple months, and after only 2 weeks of staying in the place … I started feeling freaking awful, man. I started feeling freaking AWFUL!

Not only did I get a runny nose and constant sneezing every day, that kept me up at night – it eventually got so bad that even my eyes would get freaking itchy. My eyes would get itchy. They would get all red. I would constantly rub them. I didn't know what to do, other than just take breaks and lie down and close my eyes. It really got in the way of being able to work, it ruined my productivity.

As it turns out, the itchy eyes — and everything else I just described — were an allergic reaction to mold. I've already had a dust allergy, and here I knew it wasn't dust I was reacting to — the symptoms were very different from typical dust allergy symptoms. Eventually, we traced it to mold present in the house.

What happened after I took Dutch Nutrient?

My dad – who is the greatest champion of Dutch Nutrient by Long Live The Hemp, containing the whole spectrum of hemp cannabinoids and terpenes -- he uses it a lot for his insomnia and his chronic pain, so he can speak to his experience.

One day, he just asked me: “Hey Alexander why don't you try this thing for your eyes? That doesn't hurt!”

Following my dad's advice, at 10 am in the morning I took one full dose of Dutch Nutrient (1.5 droppers per 100 lbs body weight), and within only 5-10 minutes, I could already feel that itchiness in my eyes was getting better.

By an hour later… BOOM!

The itchiness is completely gone.

I found it effective against the itchy eyes for up to 4 hours. Now, naturally, the itchy eyes reappeared later in the day, so I took another dropper. Disappeared every time! Works every time.

All in all, I took 3.5 droppers that day. I was very happy at the relief I experienced. Now, at the very first sign of an itchy eye, I take a dropper. Whatever I feel goes away, and I certainly feel like it's preventing me from feeling anything worse.

The most important thing: the quick action time, of only 5-10 minutes, is a testament to this product's high bioavailability.

What else do I use Dutch Nutrient for?

For those who don’t know, I’ve already been using Dutch Nutrient very successfully for things like:

  • getting a much deeper sleep at night, feeling more energetic in the morning
  • take care of my tooth pains after I chew on something particularly hard
  • gaining better clarity and focus during my work

Those are all things that I can attest to from having used it for closer to a year already.

Again, this product is NOT reviewed or approved by the FDA to cure, prevent, diagnose or treat any ailments. I can only go by my own experience and the comments and feedback that I’ve heard from my customers.

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