Uncover Wholesome Water Soluble CBD: What It Is and Isn't

What is Water-Soluble CBD?

CBD and cannabinoids are lipophilic, meaning that on their own, they are fat-soluble. To find a path of least resistance through the blood-brain barrier, directly to your cannabinoid receptors, they must be encapsulated.

"Water-Soluble CBD" means extracted CBD that dissolves perfectly and evenly in water, leaving your liquid crystal-clear. Like salt, it's also highly stable, and instead of getting to your stomach or liver, it goes directly to the cellular level.

What's the difference between water soluble CBD and CBD oil?

Regular CBD oil is simply an oil, just like olive oil or coconut oil. Imagine dropping any oil into a water bottle. No matter how much you shake the bottle, giant bubbles of oil float on the surface of the water, and the oil bubbles don't dissolve; sometimes forming even bigger clumps.

Oil is not mixable with water, unless you put it into a centrifuge. In fact, as the body struggles in vain to break it down, 95% of the oil consumed simply passes through the GI tract and is wasted. From what's left, only 5-10% of the CBD gets to the parts of the body where it is needed. Women tend to absorb more, i.e. 15-20% at best--we men lost some abilities in our evolution!

With oil, you absorb no more than 5% of what you pay for, and the rest passes through your liver, as oil bubbles don't mix with water.

Meanwhile, water-soluble CBD, provided it is properly extracted and processed, is designed so that much more of the cannabinoids directly enter the bloodstream and realize full effect.

In Long Live The Hemp's liquid structures, "much more" means 95-100% of the cannabinoids. That means water-soluble CBD gives you 20X the bioavailability of oil-based products, and a single 50mg dose can feel equivalent to 1000mg of active CBD -- because you feel the full effect.

The human body consists mostly of water, so naturally, water-soluble is absorbed better. Being 100% water-soluble, the hemp extract also fully dissolves in beverages and can be taken with them.

How long does it take for water soluble CBD to kick in?

Taken under the tongue, in as little as 2 minutes, 95-100% of the hemp molecules cross the blood-brain barrier and directly enter the cannabinoid receptors. 

Sublingually, CBD oils can take an hour or hours to kick in, some requiring much higher doses before anything is felt. Taking Long Live The Hemp's water-soluble CBD, especially sublingually, clients have reported feeling effects in minutes—finally bringing it to what Healthline describes as the action time for CBD. 

Depending on one's prior use of CBD and prescription drugs, it may take a few doses before one begins to feel the effect.

Is water soluble CBD better?

Water-soluble CBD is absolutely better! As described, mere CBD oils pass thorough the GI tract. While "nanoemulsified" products or "Nano CBD" claim to enhance bioavailability, all examples we've found have filler ingredients and carriers that dilute the full effect. And not only are the molecules unstable, tests have found emulsifiers to not be water-soluble.

"Emulsification" and "Water-Soluble" are NOT THE SAME, and Emulsified products are NOT WATER-SOLUBLE. Beware brands that confuse the two! Emulsified CBD makes water milky white, whereas TRUE water-soluble CBD leaves your water crystal-clear.

The liquid-structured molecules of Dutch Nutrient have been tested to be stable even in 200℉+ hot foods in beverages—so they remain rock-solid in transportation from under your tongue (or the beverage you drink) to your endocannabinoid system. They deliver a large payload of CBD and cannabinoids, with maximum effectiveness, to the target zone where they do their job: the cellular level.

What are the 3 types of water soluble CBD?

The three types of water-soluble CBD are just like the standard "3 types of CBD":

  • Full-Spectrum (or Whole Spectrum)
  • Broad-Spectrum
  • Isolates

Let's explain each.

Water-Soluble Full Spectrum CBD (or "Whole Spectrum" CBD)

Water-soluble "full spectrum CBD" could mean a variety of things. In our world, it means a whole-plant extract of the entire industrial hemp plant, from stem to flower, containing all the compounds that naturally occur in hemp.

This exactly describes our first, original product: Dutch Nutrient Elite. It was the world's first 100% water-soluble full-spectrum CBD (or "whole spectrum" CBD).

Dutch Nutrient Elite 100% Water-Soluble Whole-Spectrum CBD Whole-Plant Hemp Extract
Dutch Nutrient Elite, the original 100% water-soluble whole-plant (full-spectrum) CBD

Coming off months of cannabis and CBD oils that felt like heartburn (my first experience with hemp after referral by my treating doc after car accident), we knew the this hempy, earthy, green liquid of Dutch Nutrient Elite was a whole different beast. Flavonoids and terpenes gave it the raw taste of fresh hemp.

Per the current Farm Bill, we know that industrial hemp is required to have no more than 0.3% delta-9-THC. While whole-plant extracts can be expected to have trace amounts within the FDA limit, Dutch Nutrient Elite had six times below FDA 0.3% limit! And that was tested and confirmed by two labs.

Water-Soluble Broad Spectrum CBD

Water-soluble broad-spectrum CBD (What Is Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract?) contains cannabidiol and other multiple cannabinoids naturally found in the industrial hemp plant. The difference from full-spectrum or whole-spectrum is that broad-spectrum has no flavonoids or terpenes, which make hemp products smell like hemp and taste like hemp. And no THC. And I mean like Nil, Nada, Zilch of THC

It has no THC whatsoever. Dutch Nutrient was re-formulated into our current line Dutch Nutrient V, a pure water-soluble broad spectrum CBD. Using the same testing methods, lab reports show 0.00% THC. Yap, you read it right!

1500mg Dutch Nutrient V Raw 100% Water-Soluble Hemp Extract
Dutch Nutrient V RAW water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp extract

This was designed to meet the needs of importers abroad where THC is either illegal or extremely regulated. This includes Japan, Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Georgia, France, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Hong Kong, Thailand, Ukraine, and Australia etc, as of this writing.

The Dutch Nutrient V formula uses the same liquid-structured, water-soluble CBD molecules and delivery technology as its whole-plant predecessor. This gives it the same higher absorption and bioavailability, and increased effectiveness per dose. Less is More. It is a Game changer for Consumer Packaged Goods.

The broad-spectrum liquid is clear amber in color and a more subtle grassy in flavor due to the lack of THC. It goes well with smoothies, bitter drinks & foods, e.g. coffee and dark chocolate, or simply under the tongue. It may help relieve pain, improve health, reduce anxiety, potential health benefits as antibiotic, anti-seizure, anti-inflammatory, help with sleep etc, and even modulating cytokine storm.

Water-Soluble CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the third most common form of CBD, without any other cannabinoids or compounds. While it appears in either powder or liquid form, none have had the stability of a 500 mg/ml water-soluble CBD isolate. That means 500mg of CBD per 1 ml.

Imagine having 500 milligrams of active CBD working inside out. How would that make you feel? Like a rock.

Long Live The Hemp offers a true 100% water-soluble CBD isolate to B2B customers only first. It is so powerful that giving it to the wrong hands could cause CBD overload, so that's why we provide it to entrepreneurs who are getting into the CBD business, and desire laser-precise control over the concentration of cannabidiol in their product.

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